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Positive Vibes

Kiss the world

Some people like to fly away. Others just want to stay.
Some people want to be alone. Others need some friends at home.
Some people like to rule the world. Some are gentle and kiss a girl.
Some people like to be high. There are people who’d like to die.
Some people like to stay inside. Others like to watch the sky.
People like to feel the sun, at the beach with sunglasses on.
Some people know when to go. A few know just when to run.
Some people don’t know what to do. Others go with the flow.
People think there is right or wrong. Love knows this is not true.
Some people eat just fish and meat. Others have nothing to eat.
Most people want to have much money. Some just need their Honey.
Some people like to ride a horse. There are people who don’t like fun.
We all should do what we want to do. We all should love and be in love.
Don’t hurt anyone. Live in peace. Honor yourself and everyone else.
Enjoy the ride. We are all the same. Look around. Only people judge.
Some people like to hug a friend. Some give a helping hand.
A few people like to fight. Some people like the silence.
Some men like to rule their girls. Some are gentle and kiss the world.
Some are gentle and kiss the world…